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When you select Butterfield, you are choosing a brand of beef that is a truly sustainable solution to beef production in Western Australia.

Butterfield Beef by A O'Meehan & Co.


When you choose Butterfield Beef, you are supporting a truly sustainable Western Australian brand. 


Butterfield cattle are grass-reared and finished on a nutritionally balanced diet of home-grown grain and fibre. 


Our feeding regime allows us to best provide the Five Freedoms for our animals, and produce a consistently high-quality product all year round. 

Our Pledge

During the wetter months, pastures are lush and nutritious for the cows to graze. However, the Mediterranean climate in the south of Western Australia means that we have extended periods in summer and autumn where there is little to no rain.

That is the reality of farming in WA. And, if you, like us, really value supporting a homegrown product, it is important to understand the farming system that goes with it.

The introduction of high-quality grain into the diet of Butterfield cattle, for the months prior to processing, means we do not depend on the unreliable growing seasons and inconsistency in the final product that is associated with a grass-fed diet. 

Butterfield cattle are always grass-reared and finished on a nutritionally balanced diet, comprised of a strictly home-grown, healthy and natural mixture of grain and fibre.  It is a regime that best allows us to provide the Five Freedoms for our animals but also, enables us to produce a consistently high-quality beef product, whatever the season.


Freedom from hunger and thirst

Freedom from discomfort

Freedom from pain, injury and disease

Freedom to express normal behaviour

Freedom from fear and distress 

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In 1906, Thomas Francis (Frank) O'Meehan stopped to water his horses at Daniel's Well - nestled at the foothills of the Stirling Ranges in Western Australia's Great Southern.

While his horses drank, he observed the rich and productive soils, the most plentiful he had come across in his travels. Capable of growing productive and nutritious crops, these soils would, in turn, provide the foundation for a sustainable family farming enterprise. 


Frank O'Meehan's vision was shared by his son and daughter-in-law, Tony and Lesley who continued his dream by successfully and fruitfully farming Daniel's Well.

Proof of just how astute that vision of Frank's was, lies in the fact it is now his grandson Paul, along with his wife Jill and children Holly and Michael, who have custody of the land. 


Butterfield Beef has a rich and unique West Australian history spanning more than 100 years. The O'Meehan family property is home to the renowned Butterfield Beef; a truly exquisite and uniquely West Australian premium beef product, distributed exclusively in the state as Stirling Ranges Beef.



The Daniel's Well property is licensed for 3,300 head of cattle and fully Ausmeat-accredited with the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme. This process independently guarantees the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental management. 

When you source a Butterfield Beef product, it will be finished to a carcass weight of 220kg to 280kg (dressed) with up to 12mm of fat. 

All product is hand-selected and subject to the rigorous MSA individual grading system to ensure complete traceability of our grass-reared and grain-fed brand. Butterfield cattle are always grass-reared but finished on a nutritionally balanced, strictly home-grown, healthy and natural diet of grain and fibre.  It is a regime that best allows us to provide the Five Freedoms for our animals but also, enables us to produce a consistently high-quality beef product, whatever the season.

The Butterfield product is processed in Bunbury before passing to the hands of Butterfield Beef's butcher and distributor, Ryan’s Quality Meats, a West Australian family-owned and run business committed to quality, integrity and product innovation.



The rich soils of southern Western Australia enable the team to produce the highest quality white grains that are cleaned, tempered and rolled fresh daily for the cattle. They are then blended with homegrown lupins and fibre to form most of the cattle’s diet once in the feed yard.

The introduction of high-quality grain into the diet of cattle, for the months prior to processing, avoids reliance on the unreliable growing seasons and inconsistency in the final product that is associated with a grass-fed diet.

Devoting as much attention to the preparation of feed, as they do to the cattle themselves, places the team at A O’Meehan & Co. amongst industry leaders in the innovative and sustainable production of beef in Australia. 

Farming and grain production includes Wheat, Barley, Canola, Lupins and Peas.



When you buy Butterfield Beef you are dealing with a Great Southern family that is committed to the heart and soul of its community. But dig a little deeper and you will find that Jill is an exquisite artist and Paul is a motorbike fanatic!


Many of our antics and achievements, we share on the Facebook and Twitter feeds. Followers are particularly fascinated by ‘Proton Corner’ a tricky piece of gravel road not too far from Butterfield where a Proton once came to an unfortunate end. Proton Corner gets re-invented several times a year at the inspiration of Jill and her art project of the moment! 

Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also track the great camaraderie that is evident within the entire Butterfield Beef team – particularly at the critical seeding and harvest times – which ensure the guaranteed source of quality grain and fibre is delivered to the Butterfield stock.


You can literally watch us as we attend to the all-important process of producing the grain for Butterfield cattle.

Visitors (and wildlife!) are always welcome to come and meet our team and see for themselves all the things we rave about.  

We are incredibly proud of our farming enterprise and the invitation is always extended to people who want to understand the story of Butterfield Beef. We are a good five-hour drive from Perth, but in a beautiful part of the world with much to see and do, particularly in and around the Stirling Ranges. The historic and beautiful town of Albany is just over an hour away.



Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Our very own Jill O'Meehan brings paddock to plate cooking to life in the Butterfield Beef episode of Our State On a Plate You can't go past Butterfield Beef for a feel-good, taste great family meal. 



To find out more, visit the home of Butterfield Beef or enquire about supply please contact:


A O’Meehan & Co 

1164 O’Meehan Road, Borden, WA, 6338

0427 279 237




23 Kitson Road, Albany

Philip Till

08 9847 4000

0429 936 070


22 Biscayne Way, Jandakot

Karl Osterberg

08 9414 9200

0412 008 256

Supply enquiries and open to the public

Butterfield Beef and Stirling Ranges Beef are registered operations

of A O'Meehan and Co

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